Nephew at the Total Outdoorsman Challenge

This is the weekend for The Total Outdoorsman Challenge in Springfield, Missouri.

My nephew Dan Powell is participating in the competition (click picture 3, top row, third from left).
ah, here it is

The latest photos over there promise to be updated soon….

and we’ll keep you informed as news comes in…..

5pm Sunday
from my sister Denise (Dan’s mom)

Thanks to all who voted for Dan to win a spot in the challenge.
He received thousands of votes and only beat out the fellow from Louisiana by 75, so
every vote counted!!!  You all did good.

The competition was held on Aug 23 and 24.
Dan called last night to let us know that he finished 11th out of 16.
He moved up a few spots better than last year.
He was not very disappointed in his finish because all of the other men (and one woman) were very talented.

I must make an excuse:  he has not had a lot of time to practice and condition because he has worked full time all summer and taken 3 summer classes to finish his degree (thank you, Jesus!).

His cash prize is $600 (the bottom 8 all get $600).

He said he got to keep the $800 bow, a fly fishing rod and a bait caster.

They had already sent him Wolverine boots to break in before the competition started.

Plus he made new friends which are invaluable.

He said they got drenched with rain and it was sweltering hot but they survived.  Allison (his fiancee) suffered right along with him.

He will do better next year if he goes that route.

In case you are interested,
the challenge will be on tv channel Versus.
show 1: Sept 9, 2pm EST
show 2: Sept 16, 2pm EST
show 3: Sept 30, 2pm EST

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