the Job Calls

Tuesday evening I attended the Opening the School Year in Prayer service.  Although it is non-denominational, the gathering is in a large Christian Church way across town, rising up from a former cornfield.  There is a Praise Band, and words to songs projected on a screen, not even space in the seating area to hold hymnbooks.  Not my idea of a church building at all, and I really can’t see myself going there for regular services.

Anyway, also there were several of my sons’ former teachers, and a couple folks I worked with in different buildings.  One gave me a tip about a TA opening in her building, with interviews.
I called the next morning, and got an appointment for just after the Noon hour.

It went well, I think, as interviews should.  The fact that I am already a part of the school system, with background check and all, was a plus.  The only deterrent could be that I have only an AA degree, but plenty of experience.

I expected to hear yes or no the next day, but no calls came.

Realizing that I am already an employee, I checked the SubFinder automated system, and found a need for a TA Sub at a junior high school.  I punched in my desire to fill the slot, and was accepted.

Today went well, considering how long it has been since I’ve been with anybody who is a tweenager.  One nice thing about being an Aide is that I’m not responsible for the whole situation, I fill in one small position, and do that job to my darndest.

It must have been good enough, the Schedule Person asked if I can do the same job all next week, and I said Yes.

Please hold good thoughts for the TA who is the regular worker.  She is taking so much time off because her husband was injured on his job and is in a hospital 2 hours away.

Meanwhile, I got in all the walking I wanted today.  The trot down the halls from the gym to Science class to the IMC, etc. will take some strengthening for my knees and ankles.

Just what the CNP says I need to do about losing weight.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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