Walking on a sunny Saturday morning

The doggone cardinals woke me up at the first pink light of dawn this morning.  Now that those teenagers are flying around, the momma and daddy are teaching them their most popular bird songs.  It looks like a boy and a girl grew out of the nest.  The main noise melody has moved up to the branches of the maple tree above the neighbor kids’ tree house, and the response comes from the mulberry tree down the row.

Oscar has lost interest.  Much more easy to bring home a little gray mouse and leave it on the walkway beside the garage.
The flies loved him for it.

At five minutes ‘til 7am, I was on the porch ready to begin a walk around the block.  Both Oscar and Mahalia scratched on the door I had closed in their faces.
Not this time, beasts, I have a ways to go.

My gait was my usual walking pace.  I’m not out to win any rose garlands.

When I got to Main Street, there were only two cars waiting at the light.  Sleepy Saturday.

Rounding the corner, I came upon a mulberry tree, and its juicy offerings got crunched underfoot.  Don’t silkworms live on mulberry trees?  Are they native to North America?
Next to it is a black walnut tree, but it doesn’t have as many hanging as in years past.

The next corner there was a man setting up his lawn sprinkler.  All the rain last Monday evening didn’t last long enough.  The plan for our yard is that if we don’t water, the grass don’t grow.
If the grass don’t grow, there’s no need to mow.

Two squirrels hollered down at me from the maple tree in the middle of the block.  This early in the morning, no kids up there.  That tree has been a favorite for climbers ever since my oldest son was in Kindergarten.  Probably even before that, because a couple other kids showed him how to do it.
Yessirree, on Normal Avenue, youngsters will climb a tree.

The last corner had a plastic bottle stuck in the grate covering the storm sewer.  There was a bunch of dirt and mess built up behind it, so I tugged out the bottle and brushed back some of the stuff.  The next time it rains, maybe no puddle will form along the gutter.  I put the mud-caked bottle into our trash can as I walked up the driveway.

Oscar zipped out the door as soon as it was open a tiny crack.  A great cross-legged hurry.  He really does not like to use the litter box in the basement unless the weather outside is freezing.

17 minutes to walk around the block.  Gotta get that time down to under 10.  When that happens, I’ll add some more territory.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

ps   Edu Psyche class continues.
The online Quiz was due for Cluster 6.
Title: Behavioral Views of Learning
I earned a 15 of 15 Perfect Score!
Don’t be feeling an earthquake…I’m doing a happy dance.

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