Reporting In

Awhile back, I went to our clinic for my physical exam.
There’s a post down aways, but I’m too lazy to link it.

The medical Lab Reports came from the nurse on the phone.

Mammogram looks fine.
PAP is Negative; polyp is Negative; red, white cells are okay.
Lipids are up, cholesterol is too high.

Thyroid is very much to be concerned about.
Next appointment with someone with more education is 02 Aug.

Exercise routine is good, very good.  Whatever moving I can do.

So, physically, I’m on track.

Oscar and Mahalia had check-ups this morning.
They both seem to be doing fine.
Waiting on Lab Results to be phoned in a couple days.

Hally got her anal glands expressed—talk about Stink! 
Well worth the fee tacked on!
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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