My Feet are Worthy

One day last week, my mister and I rode our bicycles to McDs for breakfast.  This is not unusual, the clerk knows our order even before we get to the head of the line.

What was the matter is that my left foot was not comfortable after pedalling, and I thought I had a wad in my sock.  I had to make adjustments.  There was nothing in my shoe, my sock was wrinkle-free.
However, I discovered a lump in the arch of my foot.  It was about the size of a green olive, and hurt like hell when I touched it.  I thought it might be an abscess because of how much pain and how pink it was.

I went back home and took a shower, then headed to the Walk-In Clinic.  There, the doctor ran his thumb over the lump (extra more Ouch), gave it a name about a dozen letters long, and said that a specialist had better check it out.

The receptionist called from her desk and got the first available appointment.  A whole week later, even as an in-house, preferred consultation.  I’ll allow there was a holiday during that time, and a doctor deserves a day off just like anybody.  Meanwhile, I was given a discharge note saying I should take Ibuprophen and rest my foot often.

So, this morning, I went in to see the podiatrist. 

unrelated sidenote: Golly, doctors are young these days.  Is it me, or do medical school graduates seem to be getting their degrees early?  This guy is probably my brother’s age.  And my brother is only 5 years older than my son.

During the week I was putting my feet up and not stressing the lump, it had gone down to about half its visible size.
However, when he ran his thumb over it, I could feel the pressure and pain going on inside.

Then he gave me a lesson in the structural makeup of the foot, using the coolest plastic model thing, with all the tendons and muscles and bones.  They never had one so nice when I was in Anatomy 101.  Golly, that was 31 years ago, so that polymer probably hadn’t even been invented.

In the course of the questions, he asked if I have had an injury recently.  The only one I can recall is the snowstorm about a week before Christmas and I slipped and fell in the driveway.
I didn’t think my foot had been bothered too bad, but my left knee still doesn’t like going upstairs.
That would fit the time frame is what he said.
Six months for the muscle to build-up a sort of callous where it rubs with the tendon.
Worse comes to worse, there would have to be surgery.  Definitely last resort.

But what he recommends is walking.  Plain old Walking.
Until it starts to hurt, then rest it awhile, maybe give a little massage.  As if two doctors and the exams with their thumbs might make me eager for that.
Take Ibuprophen a couple hours more often than what the label states.

And if the foot doesn’t feel better in 3 weeks, then come back and we’ll try a cortisone shot directly into the lump.  But he says the walking is the best remedy, what we gotta try first.
Not anything to do with insurance payments.  More to do with patience and Mother Nature.

So, upon doctor’s orders (and since my last pair will be two years old next month) I got myself a little treat.

These are the Freetime style walking shoes, made by San Antonio Shoes in Texas USA. I bought my first pair, in white, in 1995 when I was working as a CNA at a nursing home.  They are still the most comfortable shoes for my size 7 Wide.

By my reckoning, I’ve purchased 14 pairs before this one, but this is my first in the color Teak.

Some folks would say expensive.  Not so much when figuring my odd size is on the shelf at Murray’s Shoes, and for help with recuperation.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

ps When a friend of my neighbor saw me on my porch with my feet up and a camera in hand, he couldn’t resist asking what was I doing.
So I told him this is a picture of my new shoes for my blog.
He threw back his head and laughed so loud the houses echoed.
We are probably the subject of a story down at the bar even as you read.

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