Hump Day

Heading into the home stretch of the Edu Psyche course.
Only 4 more class sessions.

Bombed the last paper, tho.  The Instructor says she didn’t even grade it because she believes I totally misunderstood the directions.  I’m to meet with her a half hour before the next class period for help with Revisions and then she’ll see.

The walking and bicycle riding are maintaining.  Not getting ahead, but what the hey, it’s only been a few days.
There’s a tale in there somewhere about how I count the steps until I make it home for a pit stop.  It seems actually getting up and moving around means all systems are on Alert.

Plus buying nectarines at less than a dollar a pound means great yumminess going in and a “clench-cheeked sprint to the bathroom” next morning.  (the quote was from the masthead of Dooce awhile back)

In a little while, Great Performances will be on PBS.
Tonight’s feature, according to the Trib, will be the music and life of Woody Guthrie.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

Correction   9:15pm
Woody Guthrie was featured on American Masters.
Bruce Springsteen and the Seeger songs will be on Great Performances.
It all adds up to 3 hours of good ol’ American music!

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