Supply and Demand

One of the cats caught a little gray mouse and dropped its poor lifeless and disheveled body at the bottom of the back steps.

I saw it from the window, but decided to wait until after breakfast before going out to lift it into a bag then into the trash. 
The days are long past for mouse funerals, ever since the sons grew up and the neighbor kids are elsewhere.

About halfway through with my cup of tea, and on the third page of the paper, a shadow passed by the window behind me.
I got up from the table and looked out the side window.

There was a crow with a 20 inch wing span landed on the bottom step.

It looked around guardedly, then dropped its head and snatched the body of the mouse in its beak and took off real, real fast.

Thanks, black buddy.  Eat hearty.
Saved me a nasty task, yes you did.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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