Interval of Ease

A bit of a reprieve.
I rechecked the syllabus for Composition 102.  Merely the topic proposal is due Tuesday’s class, not the whole paper.  That’s like 6 pages of typing I can put off awhile.  Yay!!!

The list of words for Music Appreciation is still confusing.  The Instructor says music is a whole language unto itself and gave us a couple quotes along the lines of the ‘speech of the angels’.  Says Music Theory and Therapy are whole ‘nother courses of study.  I already contributed for youngest son on that artistic path.  Myself, I just need a Humanities credit class.

Husband and I went to SAM’s and then he wrote out the check for a number having three digits and change.  There’s only 3 of us who live here! that better be plenty of meals for awhile….

I got a real nice Land’s End book bag at a yard sale for $1.  Then I took a half hour to rearrange my stuff into it, checked the schedules, wrote a bit of a list/timeline.  Organization helps this evening to be much nicer than last.

We are about to sit and watch a rented dvd movie spoken in French with English subtitles.  It might make crocheting difficult, but I’ll manage somehow!  I usually do!
~~love and Huggs, Diane

Update:  Sunday afternoon:  You can read all about our Saturday evening over at Husband’s blog Decrepit Old Fool.  We both were laughing aloud quite often at the movie Les Visiteurs done in 1996.  In a couple places we even had to back it up and see some of it over again.

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