Yet again with Routine

Since I have only one class in the morning on Wednesday and Friday, I set this afternoon as a time to get a bunch of errands done.
I took the shoes back to the menswear store.  The dress/shiny shoes that went with the tux when youngest son was the Best Man in a wedding.  IN JUNE!  Apparently, they were overlooked on the Return checklist, yet the deposit was returned in full.  The man behind the counter was aghast.  All this time gone by, and no one had been in contact.  Oh my.  Thanking me over and over again for returning, even all these months later.

Then I took the box of clean jars to the organic food store.  They have the most wonderful honey, but it is stored in a big drum with a spout.  Customers either have to bring their own jar, or nice folks like me save them, wash them, and put some on the shelf.  Both clerks were quite excited to have a boxful of clean jars.  Maybe we eat too much peanut butter at our house.  Hmmm.  Maybe having a box in the corner getting filled with jars is adding a bit too much to the clutter that gives me such stress.
Nah, the look on their faces tells me that having clean jars handy is a Good thing.
While I was in that part of town, I definitely had to stop in and get a Mocha Freeze, made with Intelligentsia coffee.  Just before putting the concoction in the blender, the clerk drops in about 8 fresh roasted coffee beans.  After being pulverized, these little things are soooo crunchy tasty.

Crossing Main Street and on to a residential neighborhood, I delivered 5 crocheted bookmarks to my friend’s house.  Next week, there’s going to be a fall bazaar a couple towns over.  What I made can be put out for sale in the craft booth.  She is going there to the nursing home tomorrow for a birthday party, so sending them with her is much more easy than for me to get in and out of our post office.
She mentioned that the ISU Library is having a used book sale very soon, so I took a box of books, and another of magazines, to the back door of that building.  The woman who answered the buzzer had to get a cart, and had me fill it with the heavy stuff out of the trunk of my car.  I tell you, if I did errands like this every day, the exercise would help my backside to look a whole lot better.

On the way out of the parking lot, something made a LOUD popping sound.  I hit the brakes and all the college students in the vicinity froze in their tracks.  Wha th hell?  Then one of the guys called out “You ran over some bubble wrap.”  I pulled forward slowly to the exit, then looked in the mirror.  Sho nuff, a 14 inch piece of plastic was on the pavement.  Husband says I have to learn to drive to be aware of where the tires are.  This proves it.

When I got home, I got a little treat out of the freezer.
Something Husband and I picked up at SAM’s the other day. 
Note that the box says 99% fat free.
You’d never know it from the great taste.

Time to start the vege-beef soup.
The weather is co-operating, with a coolish 76, a bit overcast skies, and a soft breeze.
Life on the prairie seems to be much nicer than being near the ocean during hurricane season.  The man on the radio says Ophelia is in South Carolina.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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