Hamster in a treadmill

Three people this week have told me that I seem to be ‘down’ as in depressed, non-perky.  ‘Tis True, ‘tis true….and I will be the first to admit it.  Just look at my bloody cuticles and you’d know that a lot of stress is underway.

The weekend ahead looks dreary.

Composition class  Two credible sources for a five page paper written out to be a Rebuttal to something I find in a newspaper or magazine.  First I have to find something I want to read at all, then I have to disagree politely and find a couple other folks who back up what I am trying to say.  I don’t want to be a lawyer, I just have to get through this writing class because it is required for graduation.

Music Appreciation  Study for an upcoming quiz on Gregorian chants.  Listen to the section of the educational CD.  Have you ever heard Gregorian chants?  I’m dozing off by the 10th note.

An online personality test to take for Educational Psychology.  Oh Joy….

This afternoon, I did the first half of the Math assignment.  I shanghaied a friend’s 2nd grader son to do Math problems so that I can write up an evaluation of problem-solving skills.

Maxine and I are buddies with the hot flashes and night sweats (damn, that link back to April 5 ain’t working but it’s a good story), and I had to write papers for classes and my face is all broken out as bad as chicken pox and there was a computer snafu in the library and Husband had a medical appointment and I had a teeth cleaning and the current baby blanket project is on crochet deadline for the last Sunday in September and I do NOT understand the Latin words for the parts of music well enough for a quiz and every time I pick up a newspaper or read a weblog or turn on an information device there are hurricane aftermath problems.  The Red Cross sent a card telling me about the nearest blood drive, but my next donation date isn’t until 12 Sept and I am not giving blood the same week I have dental work done.  The old body is currently doing enough.

Add in that the house is an absolute mess all because of couch cushions and stubborn spouse communications (on both sides) and the dehumidifier over-flowed all over some of Lucas’s papers and the kitchen floor got sticky Dr. Pepper spilled on it so a good mopping is needed and the car has bird poop all over it and needs the rear wheels to get balanced.  Not to mention the $24.18 to put fuel into the little tank.

So this evening I decided to break in the new VCR (purchased last Monday along with a new microwave.  I wonder why appliances seem to die in pairs around here) and pulled The Full Monty off the shelf and had a few good laughs.
The red thongs get me every time.

Distressed I am.  A not-so-good kind because this pressure comes mostly from outside.  I don’t like sitting in a class getting told to do something I don’t connect to daily living.  Something in my head all these years just won’t let me believe that academics makes a job worthy.  According to research, schooling does help to get a bigger paycheck.  I’m trying to keep that in mind.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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