Searching for List and Thread

update:  Sunday morning while sitting in Sunday School and chatting with a friend, she asked me for something which happened to be in my bag.  When I went digging for that paper, my list fell out.  This is the same bag I searched 3 times yesterday and did not find the thing. 
There is a thief taking my mind…..

This woman is on a mission.  I have a list with names and color preferences. 
Yes, you may ask “What’s up?”

You see, I do this crochet cross thing.  Size 30 cotton thread, size 12 steel hook.  Many years ago, it began as making one for each of the kids who attend our church and are about to graduate high school.
Then I started to get announcements from folks all over.  We were on a tight budget, but I could afford a ball of thread and some time (I was a stay-at-home mom until youngest went to Kindergarten), so I made a cross for just about anybody whenever we received wedding invitations, graduation, and sympathy, and baptism.  The possibles list seems endless.

Oh yeah, I might mention that in 1979 to 1981 there were 11 weddings in our circle of friends and family.  The bulge of the Baby Boomers came of age.  Then we all seemed to have babies within weeks/months of each other, in ones and twos. 
All the babies are growing up, so now we have a box full of graduation and wedding announcements for the next generation.  Life does go full circle.

Which leads me back to what I should be doing.  My list for this month has been misplaced.  I have been clearing shelf space on my desk, so I am hoping the list isn’t near the shredder.  Thank goodness the cross for that one wedding which needed to be done before the 25th is already on the pins.

I remembered that one of the moms had answered the favorite color as Cerulean Blue.  I looked this up.  “a light greenish-blue pigment consisting essentially of oxides of cobalt and tin” 
I went through my box.  There’s a mint green, jade green, baby blue, royal blue, periwinkle (that was another I had to look up), navy, turquoise.  One of those balls at the bottom of the bin will have to come close enough.
Then today, I had to drive across town to the Great Harvest Bread Company because this is the day for Nine Grain (DOF’s Favorite).

Just a block away is the craft store.  Hmmm, Cerulean Blue…and well, any excuse to go to the craft store on a Saturday afternoon.  Just to be a smart-aleck, I asked the lady for perle cotton, cerulean blue.  She walked right over,  took a ball out of the holder and came over to hand it to me.  This is one I didn’t have yet and now I wanted it very much.  Always nice to have a variety of colors in storage so that these trips across town aren’t done in desperation.

It’s a very lovely shade.  I know just which color for the middle, then this as the border, to be a good contrast.

Meanwhile, I have to shuffle some more piles of paper and see if my precious list of names and colors comes to the surface.  Or it may be stuck inside the pattern book, which is inside my carry-all bag.  Believe me, that thing is holding too much stuff too, and its load needs to be lightened up a bit.

I can sure find things to do without doing much of anything.  Three baskets of laundry needs folding, more papers from my desk need removing, and the shower stall, well, I try to avoid being the one to clean the bathroom.

The guys cleared the maple seedlings from the gutters, mowed the lawn, varnished a table. 

All I’ve done is get bread and cotton thread and half & half, then done a bunch of typing while saying not too much at all.
That’s what Saturdays are for, taking it easy.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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