I say It’s Over

I’m saying the semester is over.  I went up to HCC to fetch my composition portfolio. 
There is one comment from the Instructor which states “Lacks the ability to look at both sides of issue/topic/concern.” 
My husband gladly would have told her that without me going through all the writing and processing assignments.

Earned a C for it, then a C overall for the semester, which is passing and means no money down the drain.  Tuition gets expensive, and the rate is going up—Again!

Then I went over to the Basic Assessment Test Lab.  According to my Algebra Instructor, if I passed his class, then passed the test well enough, I could skip the next level which is Intermediate Algebra.  I thought this would be great.  The BAT is multiple choice, I can use my own calculator, there is not a timer.
And I did what I thought was fine.  The answers I figured out were within the list of choices!  Why can’t they all be like this?!
For once, I was not the last person done.

The proctor got my printout from the computer—another cool thing.  Instant gratification.  I got a score of 55, which she says is right at the average, having just finished the course. 
I will have to take Intermediate Algebra. 
Okay, I am already signed and paid for the summer.

On the way out, there was a girl sitting in a study area and looking over her own Portfolio for the next level of Composition, which is 102.  She had the same Instructor I did, but a class further along.
Just being friendly old me, I asked if she did alright.  She said she Passed, which was all she had hoped for.  She said she never understood how writing could be so hard.  She said she is going to make sure she never gets another class with this teacher. 
My grandma angel was grabbing ahold of my shoulder and whispering “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything” so I just nodded and said “We can put it all in a drawer now, and make sure tuition is paid for next semester”.

On the way to the car, I was thinking that I probably should cause some kind of mess within the english department bureaucracy, but there was one girl in my class who thought that this Composition 101 was a breeze, got an A on her portfolio, could not understand why I found it so hard to get a research paper done.
I have come to the conclusion that there are different strokes for different folks.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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