This month is Long

I woke up thinking the time is much later than it actually reads on the bedside clock.
The reason being what jolted me out of bed was two cats hissing right outside the bedroom window. 
Oh yeah, Mahalia decided to sneak out when I took the trash out last night, and she Would Not come in no matter how many times I called or tried to grab her up. 
She must have slept on top of the air conditioner.  At the crack of dawn, another cat decided to stroll through our yard, and my girl just had to defend her turf. 
My poor recovering back still did its job of getting me up and to the door of the kitchen in time to get her inside.  She ate all the food which had been sitting there all night, then went to her favorite chair to curl up good.

I just looked at the calendar.  There are five Sundays in May.  The five Tuesdays don’t seem too much, but an extra Sunday adds more time somehow.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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