Stuff Portrait Day

We have quite a thing going at Kristine’s Place
It’s called Stuff Portrait Day and is Usually on a Friday.  However, I won’t be near a computer after Thursday morning because I will be visiting with my much of my family of origin in my home town.  The occasion is the Alumni Association banquet, so my mother, baby brother and myself will be having a great time. 
Only thing I am not looking forward to is a 10 hour drive across two and a half states.  A lady at church did the same interstate road two weeks ago and said the construction is awful.

Well, I certainly got offtrack. 

More or less, the assignment is
1) the refrigerator.  The best part of this is how we got it.  The old one died on July 2.  Was it one or two years ago?  Must have been two years, because I still had the daycare job. 
Anyway, Husband went shopping for a new one, chose it, and got it delivered at 6:30 in the evening on July 3, the day before a holiday when the temperature went to 97.

Inside the freezer is blurry because I had to prop open the door and use the camera with one hand.

2) the purse is non-remarkable and needs a bath

3) and then is a religious object.  How many forms will that assignment take?  And who will decide to accept it?
I had a hard time choosing, mainly because of the very personal nature.  Religious object? 
Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image.
Then I got to looking around.  There are many little tokens of love around here.

The dove with rainbow is a suncatcher usually hanging in the bedroom.  A yard sale purchase about the same time when I was the Sunday school teacher for Grade 1 and 2, when it was in the room at the church building.
One time when I gave the kids some free time to do artwork with crayons, one of the youngest kids kept looking over at the window with great care.  I didn’t want to bother him, but he was definitely studying something.
When he showed me his drawing, he had almost exactly copied this dove and rainbow.  The tears welled up in my eyes, he was so earnest, and it was so pretty.  He said his mom needed a rainbow today, she was gonna lose her job. 
There was a divorce and they moved away not too long after, else I might have given him this.  Every morning, when I see it, I say a prayer for that broken family.

Another of my favorites is this necklace with a silver chain and red stones. 
This is a gift from my mother-in-law, and I am sure she will fill me in with all the background details.  My idea so far is that she was educated in a Catholic all girls school, mainly because her mother thought she might be somewhat protected from the world.  I think this necklace was a gift to her during that era, then she passed it on to me. 
Every time I wear it, a compliment comes. 
Mom said that the red stones are garnets, her birthstone.  I took it once to the jeweler to have it cleaned, and it looks like it needs the treatment again.  The jeweler told me not to wear it in the shower anymore.  Another shot done one-handed.  I got better with practice, eh?

Last is Kwan Yin, the goddess of teachers.  I believe she is with Buddha.  She is less than two inches high, and is usually a magnet for the fridge.  I bought her from a catalog at a time when I really needed a guardian of teachers.

I will be gone for days, so don’t expect any posts here or Comments where you are.  Many of my relatives are not interested in technology, and the one who does have a computer works long hours away from her house.  I don’t have a laptop.

This is my main excursion of the year, and I should be fine.  Hope you stay fine, too.  And everybody else leave your Stuff pictures up, because when I get home, I will want to be seeing them!
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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