Stuff Portrait Day

This is Stuff Portrait Day, as a request at Kristine’s Place

First up: is my relaxing place.
My house is shelter from the stuff of the world but full of its own too much stuff.  We really need to have a Rummage Sale.

The side of a love seat.  Usually there is a cat curled up on the other half.  Note the pile of crochet thread off to the side.  The lamp has a 75 watt bulb in it, which makes for viewing the TV a bit difficult at times.

The medicine cabinet.  You are not going to get a picture of the thing in the bathroom.  It might break the camera.
This is a little shelf in front of the kitchen sink, which holds the vitamins and a couple other bottles.  Our house is no longer child-proof.

Note this is youngest son.  No longer a child. 
Last birthday even puts him past being a teenager.

Souvenir from a trip.
These two came to me when I went back to the Ohio Valley for my 30th high school reunion.  My youngest sister’s husband won them in one of those 50c machines that has the grabber claw.  He gave them to me, said he could win others.
I buckled them in on the passenger’s seat.
On the way back to Illinois, there were storms and tornadoes.  The Indy 500 race was closed early.  I got turned around at an interstate ramp and ended up 25 miles from where I should have been. I waited in a gas station in Indianapolis for two hours for the weather to clear. 
I asked Shrek to call upon the green ogres of the swamp gods to protect us. 

Here’s hopin’ you have enjoyed my little corner of town.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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