Body in Protest mode

This morning as I was taking clothes from the dryer to a basket, then lifted the basketful to the counter to fold and sort, my lower back decided to have a muscle spasm.
I swear I was lifting correctly—you know, holding load close to the body, knees bent, no twisting at the waist—but it sure ain’t been happy all day long, nosirree.

I went grocery shopping leaning on the cart, carried everything to inside the house and got most of it put away, then I went to lie down, flat for awhile. 

After my nap, I stood up and all was well until I took the first two steps.  A pain came up all the way from my right heel to the bottom edge of my bra.
The last time this happened was because I sat driving the car for more than two hours.  This time is probably about me sitting in the chair in front of the computer reading weblogs and comments.
The chiropractor says to keep moving, don’t let it get stiff and stay this way.  I am Sooo out of condition that my muscles have forgotten their purpose and are telling me they require effort and perseverance.

I looked up an old quote.  I found a site which attributed this as Art Linkletter saying so. 

“Old age ain’t for sissies”

He got it right.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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