Happy Birthday, Youngest Son

Today is our youngest son’s birthday.
Christopher is a quarter century old.

He was born on Palm Sunday. This year, his day is in the middle of Holy Week.
I had pictures all found and sorted to be putting on my blog, then the kid comes by and makes a request to not be showing pictures of him when he was so young.
He went through the little pile and said the one with him and his cake with only 5 candles was kinda cute. Alas, it is not the one I have already in a folder on the computer, and I’m not gonna mess with the scanner right now.

This one, he’s almost 21, smiling cuz he’s with his dad.
they are humoring the missus with camera in her hands

Our family was complete when he came along.
Three sons. Oldest. Middle. Youngest.
each with personality and willpower all his own

Happy Birthday, Bear Cub

~~love and Huggs, MOM

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