We’re eating Good

Ever since the critter doctor told me to UP the girl cat’s food servings, it seems like all I do is buy cans of the stuff.
I opened the next to last this morning, so since I decided to decline TA Sub jobs, I went out to run some errands.
The store which has the best price for the kind she likes also has a nice craft supply aisle, and groceries for humans.

I looked at all the goodies on the craft shelves, but showed great restraint for not putting anything into my cart 🙂

I’m saving my spare cash for spending this weekend at the Relief Sale, on stuff that other people have put time and effort into.

As luck has it, cat food is on sale 4 cans for $1.42, which is less than the usual 47¢ each, but wrong luck caught up because only 8 cans were chicken & tuna for her.

the store has been rearranged a bit since the last time I was there, but I found the other items on my list

Then I remembered lunch time was long gone.
Nearby was a bin full of ice, prepared salads nestled in.
And the clerk was just adding a few more containers.

When I looked them over, I decided on an interesting combo

Fruit and Nut Salad, weight .43 lbs
Total $2.16

At home, I opened it and separated the parts
16 halfs pecans
18 blueberries
4 blackberries
4 red raspberries
slices of strawberries which added up to 4 whole
a nice bed of spring mixed greens, so much that I put 1/3 of it in the fridge

Shake on some olive oil based dressing,
toast a slice of bakery bread
a glass of cold tea
What a Feast!

and the girl cat is liking having her favorite flavor in her dish

It’s been a good afternoon. Hope yours is fine also.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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