Stuck with the dang thing

here’s a little knit bag 6 1/2” wide, 5” tall

When our church women’s group was tying knots in a comforter, some dark red cotton was the proper color choice to match the pattern of the fabric. It soon became apparent that the braided cotton was not suitable for the task.
As soon as a row was done on each side, the workers decided to change the color and type of cotton to something more reasonable for sewing and tying.

I asked if I could bring the cotton home to crochet with.
Our leader said I was welcome to it.

A couple days later, I sat down with crochet hook, intending to make a little drawstring bag. I tried 2 different stitches, but could not get the cotton to keep from twisting, nor lay flat after I had all the loops in place.
I pulled out everything, tried a different hook and pattern, but the thread just did not cooperate.

A couple days later, I thought it might work on my smallest peg loom, to knit a little gift bag.

Well, the thread kept twisting back on itself, and even after I placed a loop on a peg. While I was working mebbe row 8, Husband came home from work, and I announced that I was working with cotton thread that has a curse on it.
He told me to throw it away, there’s other supplies more worthwhile of my effort.

I do like the color though, so I kept at it.
the twisting. Well. Oh my.
One stitch got so tight that the peg pulled loose from its hole.  I had to put a little mark beside it, and be very careful while trying to finish. Husband says he should be able to glue it back when he gets a chance.

I did pull out my loom primer book and followed directions how to bind off a straight edge, which I then crocheted around to be able to work the handles. Trouble there is, I took some time away, and when I got back and worked the second handle, I did it different than the first.
Sewing the bottom shut, I missed a stitch, so there is a pencil size hole in one corner.

Ah well, I’m gonna keep it in my storeroom.
A reminder that some types of yarn need to be tossed no matter what grand plans it began with.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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