First Hat off the Fine Sett Gauge peg loom

My peg loom ordered from Decor Accents as a Valentine gift arrived (at LO-ONG last) just this past Monday. Definitely not in time for doing something for the Relief Sale, still, okay at the beginning of the week for Spring Break.

Husband says
I should do something “just for me” during time off
Go listen to some music, check out an art exhibit he says

Well, I did go to hear the speaker mentioned in the last post, and I did clear and carry out all the recycle items from all the corners of the kitchen… both events leaving me feeling much refreshed and less crowded.

No, I don’t want to go out, exactly.

What I want to do is make another hat on my new loom.

Didn’t the first one turn out adorable?

made of TLC Baby (3-ply) acrylic yarn color Giggles

I have no idea exactly how long it took to knit this
but I think the finished item is worth my fun

the doll was purchased for $1 at a yard sale awhile back
it is supposed to be the same size as an average newborn
the gown is from a different sale for a quarter

She was with me as the model for the new hat when I went to my Yarn Group. The window sill is at the Township Activity Center, so beyond the glass is not my responsibility for clean-up. There are maintenance employees who will take on the task.

I’ll put the hat in the bag going for babies at the hospital.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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