Snow on Snow on Snow

Today was a Snow Day for schools, and the Activity Center where I go for my Needlework Group.  Then I got an e-mail saying this evening’s committee meeting also cancelled, so I am one woman who is happy to stay home!!

The flakes stopped falling around Noon, with 3 marks over 8” measured on the front steps. Yes, I’m a teacher at heart, I went out with a ruler.

When I got my driver’s license when I was a teenager, my dad taught me many extra things about the car, such as how to put on chains, where to check for oil.  He also said to always clear off the car as soon as possible after a big snow… not to wait until I needed to go out.  Ya just never know if something comes up, such as a family member needing something.

Over the years, I try to stick to do that,
get ready for going, even if I have no plans.

So I went out with my shovel and a broom, then cleared off both cars and a little path around each, and the mess at the end of the parking place where the snowplow heaps basketball size lumps.  The big spot in the middle is still full of level snow.  It looks odd, and that is where son Chris usually parks when he comes by, but I was running out of oompf, yet I still had to shovel off the front walk.

I miss having 3 sons to help with all the work here.
Best job ever, when I was a stay-at-home mother.

The wind is picking up, blowing powdery white stuff against the window.  Sounds almost like sand on the glass.

Weather people seem to have the forecast Correct.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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