a Year in Review

the 2009 calendar from the door of the fridge is about to be stored up on the high shelf, so I am looking through for the highlights

JANUARY was typical winter weather for the prairie, yet I had TA Sub jobs the first week.  Schools and ISU were closed on the 15th because we got 5.4” snow and -11o overnight. On the 20th I told SubFinder that I was Unavailable so I could stay home and watch the President Obama Inauguration.  There were several meetings pertaining to Family Fun Nights for church, which I did not sign on as a Volunteer this year.  I might do an item donation or two, but not the time and energy of the last couple years.

FEBRUARY I went to a funeral service for our friend Tom Yoder on the first Wednesday.  Family Fun Nights preparations kept me and the kitchen committee quite busy. Both cats got their teeth cleaned on Thursday the 12th.  We went out to movie theaters 4 times!  Geo hooked up the new box so we could receive the different type of television signals.

MARCH sons Lucas and Chris both had birthdays! and their mother did not send cards.  There were several days of TA Sub jobs, even with Spring Break began the fourth Monday.  Lucas went to California to see his sweetie.  Geo’s unicycle arrived in a box on the porch. Many yarny items donated for the Mennonite Relief Sale. I finished a bedspread cotton baby blanket for a friend due in April, and began to crochet granny squares for the Lucas and Milly wedding gift.

APRIL My car went into the shop and came out a week later.  I don’t like driving Husband’s car.  Goodness, my month was boring. Apparently too much rain, we were mopping water in the basement.  I was a volunteer at a Blood Drive at church.  Crocheted several granny squares.

MAY Early on, I worked TA Sub jobs 5 days. On May 9, Geo mowed the grass in the morning, we rode our bicycles to an Open House at the bicycle shop, for lunch and so I could buy a helmet.

He mentioned he had a bit of pain, so I pedalled back home and fetched the car. That night, we were in ER, and at dawn my husband had major surgery.  The rest of the month is a blur of phone calls, visitors, crocheted items done at his bedside, and drives to Urbana for son Lucas.
I told SubFinder I was Unavailable until the end of the school year. He was discharged on the 18th, yet still needed care, so I cancelled a trip to my high school reunion in Ohio.  One fun afternoon event was an adoption party for our Youth Minister’s daughter.

JUNE on the first day, when there were thunderstorm warnings scrolling at the bottom of the television screen, son Lucas went on an airplane to live in California for good, and Husband was re-admitted to the hospital with an infection.  He was in 4 days, then home again on strong antibiotics, with a couple follow-up medical appointments. on 15 June, Geo gratefully returned to work on Short Hours/ Light Duty, with his boss being a chauffeur since bicycle riding was out of the question.
I had my mammogram, which I try to make the appointment near my birthday, and a colonoscopy because I’m getting older.  I’m told I don’t need to have either one again for years.
There was much watching of dvds in our own living room, and yard work being done by friends.

JULY son Chris went away on an airplane to visit Aunt Stephanie in Washington DC.  He came home on the train 10 days later, having had a wonderful time. I had 7 dental appointments in 5 weeks, with one being a root canal. The cats got their birthday check-ups and shots.  They are doing fine for being 14 years old.  Fastened off last stitch of the Lucas and Milly aphgan on the 29th. (It seems I still need to put its tale on the blog)

AUGUST Being done with a huge pile of granny squares all sewed into a queen-size aphgan, I decided to master the Diagonal Box Stitch crochet pattern, and proceeded to work up 2 baby aphgans, several dishcloths, and a pair of potholders.  They all found sweet homes.  Geo began riding his bicycle to the job again, and went to the park for practice on the unicycle.  Lucas and Emily legally married with signatures on paper in California.
I was a Teacher Sub for the Pre-K Sunday School class, and the church picnic at the water park was a fun time.
Rehearsals began for the play The Women of Lockerbie, which we would perform at Camp Friedenswald during Women’s Retreat. School Started, and I had TA Sub jobs during the very first week.

SEPTEMBER The weather was lovely.  I wrote that word 7 mornings in a row, then rain and overcast, then Lovely another 7 mornings.  Which was greatly appreciated because we travelled to the eastern shore of Great Lake Michigan, aka Harbor County, state of Michigan, for son Lucas to have a ceremony for everlasting love to Emily Coogan (she’s keeping her name). A wonderful time, getting to know some great people, all of whom I wished lived on our street so we could chat more often.
The next weekend, I was crowded into a van with many supplies for Women’s Retreat, including full suitcase of yarny donations with sale proceeds going directly to Camp.  Being on the program committee was an amazing experience when I had to pull up energy and charisma I never realized is in me.

OCTOBER Rain..Rain..Rain. Several TA Sub jobs, much activity in church kitchen, many knitted baby hats for the hospital.  Much mopping of water in basement.  Our wedding anniversary came and went, then dinner at a new place a week later.  Got the news that a childhood friend had died from complications of diabetes.  Last day of month I wrote “Lovely Morning!” and we rode our bicycles to breakfast.

NOVEMBER First day of the month also says “Lovely Morning!” and I went to a jewelry party after church. First Monday of the month, I got a root canal, on the tooth next to the one done last summer.  Volunteer at church Blood Drive.  Few TA Sub jobs, for various reasons.  Thanksgiving turkey ordered and picked up, and just 3 of us had a nice feast.  I sewed a couple gift bags, having gotten the idea from pals at church.  Shopping in craft sales at high schools.

DECEMBER Four dentist appointments in 4 weeks.  Holidays upon us.  End of College Semester Stress. Programs at church. Newsletter Preparations.  House Decorations few but sentimental.  Lucas here for a couple days. Snow..Snow..Snow..  Cats bickering.  Husband brings bicycle into house to get warm for repairs.

This Week  Craft Supplies Box Arrives. School Semester Starts. No Jobs Available. Crochet 3 bookmarks. Knit baby hat. Sweep kitchen floor. Crochet 2 potholders.

Sit in chair nearly 2 hours to read my notes
and Type Year’s Recap.

Why are we still here?

~~love and Huggs, Diane

my spouse wrote about our year at Decrepit Old Fool

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