Complaints being taken care of

Our kitchen is wanting all kinds of attention today.
It must have known we would have a holiday off.

My plan of putting our bedclothes through the laundry has been set aside because the water to the whole house is shut off.

The reason for doing so is that Husband is replacing the kitchen sink and plumbing.  My morning routine and shower had to be all accomplished early, plus we filled a couple containers for drinks and rinse if needed.
He’s taking pictures, so if he puts them on the Web somewhere, I’ll fix a link.

The other What’s the Matter? is the refrigerator.

It’s been tired for awhile now, making an odd clicking noise on the Defrost cycle.  When son Chris mentioned that the orange juice was not quite cold enough, I went investigating and found a bag of frozen peas shoved up against a place where there is supposed to be a gap.
The whole back wall of the freezer was covered with an inch of ice.

We cleared out EVERYTHING from both sections, carrying 2 full trash bags to the curb (thank goodness it was Pick-up Day) then putting what we wanted to keep in coolers and boxes in the unheated garage.  Outside is 31o so I hope all will be fine.

Geo unplugged the fridge overnight, then we wiped up melted ice/ water this morning.  He suggested we go out for breakfast since the kitchen is in such disarray.  I was happy to agree.

When we got back home, we set to work, cleaning each of the bins and shelves of the fridge, washing the floor underneath.
for the sink, he had to loosen pipes and connections which have been rusting in place at least 30 years.  Like I said, he took pictures.

Right now, the fridge is humming like it is supposed to sound, and the thermometer inside says the temperature is dropping properly.

After checking to be sure the new sink will fit correctly into the hole (Yes, It Does!) he is busy connecting new hoses and drains.  From the amount of profanity, I think the plumbing job is moving along good as can be expected.
Wow, is he alot like his DAD!

I’m going to do the ironing, a task which does not need water.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

Update Tuesday afternoon: Decrepit Old Fool did write about kitchen woes also has a link to his photo album.

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