Sad News about Actress Jean Simmons

Online info tells me that the actress Jean Simmons has passed away on today’s date.  I really hope she meets my dad in heaven because he sure had a “crush” on her back in the day.  She was a beauty, oh yeah.

My first memory of her in the movie The Big Country was at a drive-in theater, with Dad behind the steering wheel telling Mom to turn up the music from the little box hanging on the passenger side window.
  The sound track for that film was lovely, the acting by all quite believable (Burl Ives = outstanding).
  I’ve rented the video a couple times, just to get perspective as an adult, and I’ll allow that the movie stands fine by itself, even when clouded by my childlike wonder.

I thought she did a great performance as a Judge on Star Trek the Next Generation.
When Captain Jean Luc Picard tells her to get off his ship, her service was no longer needed, well, that was a woman put in her place, acting ability or not.

A nice thing when somebody famous dies is all the films they made in their lifetime, so we can buy a video and watch over again.

the rest of us leave a few pages in a family photo album

Rest in Peace, Dear Lady.
our world is better for having you in it

~~love and Huggs, Diane
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