Got it All for Christmas

A few days ago, someone asked me what was my favorite thing I got for Christmas.

Well, since my own sister tells me that I am “hard to buy for” I will say that I did not get too many THINGS for Christmas.

The way I usually prefer for someone to show they care is to DO something. I tend to be a Giver person, so when someone puts out some effort to get something DONE, DONE SOON, (and DONE the way I like it) then I am quite appreciative.

This happened over and again the last few weeks.  Middle Son Lucas came back for a visit from California. There was a taxi and a train and airplanes and shuttle van and a different train, and much communication with relatives.
The newlyweds had Christmas morning apart because Emily is allergic to cats, and we have two of them at our house. But our son was with us, by his own choice and efforts, and we are so glad to have him.
He got to be with his wife’s family for a couple extra days because of flight cancellations due to inclement weather.  Good thing he carries a laptop to stay in touch with his job.

Our house Internet connection was being quite uncooperative.  Husband delayed other tasks he had planned to accomplish while on Break to do diagnostics, get technical advice, order new parts.  It hasn’t been this easy to make a connection since last Summer.
True Love is us staring at our screens.

For several days I was fretting over the family newsletter.
I don’t like writing so much, it tends to feel like an assignment for a class.  Then son Chris offered to compose something.  He sat down right here in this chair and managed to write enough to fill the front and back of a sheet of paper.  The kid has a way with words, just like his dad.  All I had to do was push Print.  Which I did, so that the printer spit out 70 copies.

This evening I sent out e-mails to a couple folks making sure the street address was up-to-date.  One said to just send text by e-mail, the other gave me the new information and says looking forward to receiving the paper.  Communication overlaps.

Two of the gifts received took effort and have great joy with final product.  The first is several jars of jelly, jam, and chutney from Mary and Jay.  I know they work hard to bring forth all those pretty goodies, and we definitely like spreading bread from the bakery with such yumminess.

The other box holds bars of soap.  Not just any soap.  Cashmere Bouquet, which is the only thing with fragrance I allow near me.  Usually, I buy several bars when I travel back to Ohio, but in 2009 there was no energy for my reunion.  Husband was in the hospital at the time.  When I opened the wrapper on my last bar of soap, I got into a bit of a panic, thinking I would have to try to find something else to use in the shower.

While talking to my sister Darla, who lives in Arizona, I told her of my plight.  She said I should ask our youngest sister Danna to send me some from the Valley.
I talked with her a couple days before Thanksgiving, and she said she would try to get some soap for me.  She mentioned it to our mom and sister Denise at their dinner.  Then Mom went on the hunt.  The store I usually buy from when I’m there does not carry Cashmere Bouquet soap now.  All three of them were looking in different places, when finally my sister Denise went online and found a site which delivers.

Had TEN bars shipped to me in a box waiting on the porch one afternoon when I got home from work and running errands.

Now that is family Thoughtfulness!
and why did I not think of ordering it myself? maybe
when I use up all that I have now and need to buy more

We also received several dvds, changing hands and viewscreens already.  Husband likes to watch a movie while walking the treadmill.  I like to watch while sitting on the couch while working with yarn in my hands.  Every once in awhile, we sit and watch together, such as the movie UP which was my request of both Husband and Santa, but only one actual case was wrapped under the tree.

The tabletop tree and Nativity Scene will come down in the next couple days before school begins a new semester.
The cats will be so happy to have space again.

and I’ll bet you all are glad
to have the cobwebs swept off my blog 🙂

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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