Sweet Saturday Morning!

It being the weekend, I did a little extra staying in bed, with two pairs of yellow eyes watching my every twitch to see if I might get up and head towards the kitchen.  They were fed an hour later than a weekday, but after setting out their bowls, I crawled back under the covers to snuggle in with my husband.

He is one tired dude, having worked two regular and three 11 hour days this week, doing computer updates.

When the shadows on the wall and the light coming through the crack in the curtains told us the sun was up, I went and had my shower while he checked for messages.  Whew.  We actually got to eat breakfast at G o P without interruptions.

There are many games going round on Facebook.
I don’t join in, mainly because I am not even good at keeping track of real life activity, but I think a game should happen where a little elf comes to my laundry room and folds the towels.  It can be difficult, depending on which closet or shelf or drawer they are stored.  There are some which get a tri-fold, some in half, and two beach towels get rolled to fit between.
Yep, make a game of getting them put away.
Otherwise, I usually have a bunch of wrinkled terrycloth in a basket, so when I pull out a corner, the whole load gets dumped onto the floor.  And I’m getting tired of that, so folding MUST Happen S.O.O.N.

There are several other items on my ‘To Do List’
meaning I better get moving.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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