Still Having it Easy

When I got up this morning, SubFinder said No Jobs Available.  I checked back in a few minutes, it said one at a junior high, so I clicked on it.  The screen read Job being considered by someone else.  Check back later.
So I got a carryover of the holiday.
I swept the floor of the bathroom, put away some laundry, washed and dried and folded a load, read many pages of the Sunday newspapers while sitting in the sunny breakfast nook.

The other day, and again this morning, I pulled out my sewing machine and did some experimental putting together of gift bags from remnant fabrics.  Also worked up some handles using my knitting knobby.  It made a cord too round for the monkey bag, so I just did a braid for its tie.

Disclaimer—these are for a relative’s gift with love (and some swearing) and NO I do not Sew and Sell.  Check the website ETSY

Then I went out for some groceries, especially teabags and milk.  As it happens, I also found a 3-pack of socks in the style I have been wanting and they were ON SALE!!! sorry only one package in my size was on the hook.  Ah well, that’s what the washer and dryer do, is to keep a fresh pair ready.

Ran into a gal who also works as a Substitute/ Certified Teacher, and she said SubFinder told her No Jobs Available, so the holiday break must have school workers healthy and energized.

By the time I get this posted, it will be time for Alex Trebek and JEOPARDY! so I will bid you Adieu.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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