Water in too many places

Seems like Facebook got alot of my attention today.
Here’s my latest Status Update:

Knitted two little blue hats this evening.  The bube-tube has good side effects.
The downspout is making so much noise from rain water.
I’ll bet the gutters are full of leaves again.

TA Sub job Noon to 3:30 Wednesday afternoon in Third Grade.

Which means I should be able to have time in the morning wash the dishes in the sink, and call for a possible date for service on the dishwasher.

Long story about the stream of detergent water which flowed across the kitchen, then meandered toward the back door.  Found it Sunday morning.

Husband used up awhile this evening pulling out warped tiles from in front of the fridge and replacing with new tiles.

Like I said, more than you could be concerned over, and the smell of glue? vinyl? is bothering me enough for all of us

The house owns our time and money and energy :grrr:

Nitey-night !

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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