Meeting, Laundry, Pizza, Tooth

This morning was the monthly meeting of Mennonite Women, a nice group at church.  We did some crafty activities, such as a knotted comforter, putting together the quilt frame and layers of fabric to do a handsewn crib quilt, cutting rectangles of fabric for sewing bags.
I looked at all the cloth in various piles and shapes and realized how much of it came from my hobby closet awhile back.  Golly, there are times when I go a bit nuts when I see things on Clearance at craft stores!

I didn’t work on any of them after we all settled into a routine.  I began knitting a hat on the child-size peg loom, and got as far along as turning the cuff before it was time to quit.  It was my turn for Devotions, and I used our Study Guide, a picture of a cornfield from a book, and the passage of Scripture Mark 2:23-28 which is about gleaning.  The audience is friendly.

Five large loads of laundry and ironing got done this afternoon.  I gave myself a little reward by ordering a pizza delivered for supper so that I didn’t have to decide and/or prepare anything else.  The Latino fella who brought it is a parent of an elementary student and recognized me.  Small town, I guess.  I’m glad I had an 18% tip all ready to hand over.  Chris was here to check his computer stuff, help eat pizza, and to carry home his laundry.  I like that he comes by, then goes away again.  I guess that’s what offspring are supposed to grow up and do.

Tuesday is beginning the crown on my most recent tooth problem.  I have no troubles with it since the root canal a week ago, so I am hoping the permanent can be installed with just one visit to my regular dentist.

Seems weird to tell my job that I am Unavailable for 3 days this week, all for different reasons.

There’s a cat between me and screen.
Time for bed.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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