Machine Fixed, Now I Gotta Fill It

Dishwasher Repairman just leaving.

Sez the problem was the Fill Valve not closing, therefore the machine kept having water flow in, which causes overflow.  Old Fill Valve corroded because of our hard water and old pipes.  The shut-off valve to the kitchen sink is not adequate, so I had to turn off the intake valve (water meter) of the whole house.

Replaced the Fill Valve,
and cleaned out a little copper connector,
under Warranty, saving us $198 parts and labor.

Also adding to the problem, the drain connection is too small, perhaps also clogged, therefore machine not getting empty quickly enough.  The pump sounds like it is working a bit too hard.

The U sewer pipe under the sink is not his concern, but advises us to replace as soon as possible, to help the machine do its job properly.  Sez water should not be backwashing into the machine, this machine is new enough and designed well enough to not expect that.

One dishwasher flood is bringing on a whole new remodel need.

Just ask any homeowner about the money pit.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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