Latest Peg Loom Arrives!

Yesterday being a Snow Day freebie time, I used it up knitting doll hats on my newborn size peg loom.  It is the smaller one in the picture, with 36 pegs.

The hats are going to a little girl at church, just because I wanna contribute accessories for the new doll which I have been assured is coming from Grandma.  Sometimes when children decide to confide in me, well, my heart grows two sizes that day.

This morning, the cats left me sleep in until 8:30,
‘twas truly a long winter’s nap, probably because we left the thermostat up a few degrees, and I also put on a sweatshirt over my nightgown, so I didn’t wake up chilled during the night.

When I got to the kitchen, I realized I had forgotten to put on a robe over the sweatshirt.  However, I puttered along the usual routine, filling the cats’ wet food and dry kibble bowls, rinsing and changing their water, taking my morning medicine.

Then I came over to the computer, checking weather first.

After a few minutes, my knees were protesting the lack of warm bathrobe.

As I was going back down the hall, Mahalia mentioned she would like me to raise the window blind next to her favorite shelf in the living room.

Sitting out there at the end of the walk was the mailman’s truck, where he was getting ready to walk our block with delivery items.

I went on down to my room, and there was Husband, still in bed, and my side looking all ready to be warmed up again.

I lay down with my slippers still on, but pulling the blankets over my knees.

Just when Husband was reaching for my shoulder to pull me in closer, there came a knock on the front door, and the sound of a package being dropped.

I threw back the blankets, jumped up and scooted down the hall, throwing open the door to see if it might be my latest peg loom.
Yes, It Was! and the mailman was only about 15 feet from the steps.

He turned around again, and there I was in my nightgown, sweatshirt, and slippers, saying Thank You! as if he were Santa Claus himself.

He grinned from ear to ear, saying he thought that a package with Crafts as part of the return address label would be very welcome, which is why he knocked on the door rather than just setting it down.

We gabbed a bit, about how ready we might be for the holidays (neither is, since this is a very busy season for both our jobs), his young son’s Wish List, the baby’s cough.

Neither of us mentioned my outfit (nor my cold knees), as I was standing holding open the storm door as we chatted.

Then he went on his way, a full pack on his shoulder.

I went back to our room, where Husband had gotten up and started getting dressed.

He said wryly, “I wonder how many other women on that guy’s route jump out of bed with her husband to go running down the hall in her nightie to answer the door?”

Hearing it spoken that way, I could see how the scene could be construed with all kinds of mixed feelings.  We’ve been married a long time now, so what it did was send me into a fit of the giggles so hard I had to grab ahold of the corner of the dresser, then sit down on my stool for a minute.

There’s a part of the wedding ceremony which speaks about the promise to love, honor, cherish.  I don’t remember speaking the word Trust, but I’ve learned over the years that it has to happen in so many situations.

I finally got ready and we went out for breakfast, then shopping at 4 different stores, the last stop being the bakery for an apple pie.  Just the two of us have already consumed a nice fraction as a mid-afternoon snack.

Now then, I’ve got a new 41-peg loom to initiate.  This one is supposed to be a size to fit Toddlers, and I know a really pretty pastels yarn to do so.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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