Our Holiday Date

After seeing Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia twice at theaters and then again on Christmas Day’s dvd viewing, I got to thinking about her latest movie DOUBT, a new release on Boxing Day.

There is no way I can understand the schedule of movie production, but she’s had two come out this year, and that means a whole big bunch of memorizing lines and getting inside the head of characters.

I cannot give you links to other places because my computer is not behaving very well these days.
My Computer Support Tech is keeping it running so I can check e-mails and post on the blog, but copy and paste is a NO, and a couple websites are bringing in annoying pop-up adverts.

Husband and I decided to use some more of our holiday time and loot to go see a movie in a theater, first showtime of the day.  We were the second car to park in the public lot, with 8 cars in the employee lot.

So, back to the movie review.  It takes place in the mid-1960s, in a middle class neighborhood of a city.
There is a nun who is the Principal of a Catholic school, a much younger nun who loves being the History teacher, students, and a priest who has been assigned to be the Boss of the parish, whose jobs include being the preacher at Mass, and the boys’ basketball coach.

The plot has no cussing or race cars or guns.
The Principal believes that inappropriate behavior has occurred between the priest and a male student.  Nobody ever says exactly, but implications are discussed in the Principal’s office.

Just a bunch of people thrust into a situation and trying to make sense of it.  There is no way I could be working on a yarn project because to look away from the screen would mean I would miss some raised eyebrow or pursed lips.

Both Meryl Streep and Phillip Seymour Hoffman have won Academy Awards before, and this movie should be on that path again.

Husband and I walked out of the theater still wondering about the whole truth.

Then we went to lunch at a nice little restaurant in Uptown Normal, leaving the server a 20% tip (yes, she was good) plus we were living large on gift money.

We used the last of it at the bakery connected to the restaurant.  I believe the guys who built it that way were hoping for folks just like us to be coming in the door.

So put on your thinking cap and go see the movie DOUBT.
It’ll give ya somethin’ to talk about.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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