Ice Storm means an at-home day

Although I had signed on to TA Sub at an elementary school Second Grade (are you kidding? last day of the semester means clean out desks, movies, cookies!) ALL SCHOOLS and everybody else for miles are closed due to an ice storm.
This gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, knowing I had been willing to fill in, but the ability to serve was taken from me.
I get to remain indoors with ongoing yarn projects.

Husband is considered Non-Essential Personnel at ISU, so he’s home, too.  He says there is a whole bunch of work to do while the college students are gone, plus there is a new guy in training, but he’s home.

and we are both grateful
that we still have electrical power for Internet

what Oscar and I saw when he wanted to go outside the front door

what Mahalia and I saw from the top of the back steps

I can see there is a tree branch broken and hanging in the yard of the house kitty-corner.  The snow plow just went down Gregory Street.  Somebody is making scraping noises on a sidewalk, but I can’t quite discern who in the neighborhood is brave enough to be digging out already.

Decrepit Old Fool has a post up, also.  Nothing quite like a phone call after midnight to set me in stressed out mode.  Our youngest son and his apartment house are in a bad way with roof leaking and water problems.  I donated a big plastic tub from my yarn room to catch dripping.

Well, it’s time for breakfast.
Can’t type anymore until I have some Red Rose Tea.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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