Sunday not so super

In my planner book for Saturday 20 Dec, I had written Address newsletter envelopes.  Lots of other stuff happened, moving that tedious task very far down the list.

Last year I was able to use the year before’s envelopes because we hadn’t sent out a newsletter for 2006.  How’s that for procrastination?

Anyway, Christopher said he would be willing to be Editor for the newsletter again,

but then this happened at his apartment click it

and there was no electricity for about 30 hours

Today the weather is terrible wind and -1oF, plus I have a toothache, even though the temporary crown is holding strong and I have been really careful with foods and sweets.  It’s not easy, this time of year, the side of my face being so sensitive.

I called off being in church, even though I was on the schedule for the Toddler Nursery, and you know how much I love being with the younguns.  I’m told there was a willing substitute.

Yesterday while Husband and I were out, we bought a beef rump roast for Sunday supper.  Today, I put it into the crockpot a little after noon, added the carrots around 3pm, then completely forgot to put in the potatoes, so those got boiled in a kettle on a burner of the stove.  Very nice to have supper pretty much taken care of this way.

I couldn’t put off envelopes any longer.  I cleared the table in the study, which got Oscar’s attention.  Mom is doing something different, so he had to be underfoot and on the table.  New black markers, box of envelopes pulled across, Rolodex box carried from its place beside the phone.

Hhmm, the Rolodex box.  I decided to go through it first, to be sure I have current information, especially for the folks who have already sent our way some greetings of the season.

I had to pull out five cards for people who have passed away this last year.  This takes on a whole new meaning, “You’re Off my Christmas card list”.

Meanwhile, Christopher decided he needs to be staying here at our house for a few days.  He says the smell in his apartment is so horrible that he almost barfed while moving the tarp and emptying the filthy water out of the plastic bins.  His roomie also went to his parents for awhile, as per plans already for the holiday.

There is bedding, and other laundry to catch up.
My my my, what a mess.  Landlord Alerted!

Also, the apartment disaster means we have to shift around care and keeping for son Lucas’s cat.  Scratchy and Chris got along so well at Thanksgiving, but now Lucas is meeting at his own place with a cat-sitter for hire over the holidays.

The writing on envelopes is done to the names beginning with ‘B-e’.  It would seem our family newsletter will be arriving in the bleak mid-winter, same as last year.

My planner book says that Monday is for clearing space in the living room to put up Nativity Scene and Christmas tree.  Mahalia won’t be liking that, she’s taken to using my chosen spot as a bridge from her shelf to the chair.

This rambles a bit, but what other reading have you got to do when the weather outside is frightful?

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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