Takin’ It Easy Christmas Eve

In spite of predictions for terrible weather, Husband was able to travel an hour each way on I-74 to fetch son Lucas and bring him home for Christmas.  His cat Scratchy remains behind and will be looked after by someone advertised on Craigslist, but comes with a good reference.

We all just got done foraging through the fridge to come up with something to eat for supper.  I used the last of the crockpot roasted chicken to make noodle soup, the Taco Bake pan and a jar of salsa are empty, and some roast beef and sourdough bread made a fine sandwich.
The mess all over the counter will eventually be put into the dishwasher so the machine can work its hardest.

The time right now is when Christmas Eve service was scheduled.  However, my e-mail Inbox says the parking lot is covered with ice, so the decision was made to cancel and stay safe at home.
This saved me having to use up the afternoon baking cookies for the linger-after party.

Which isn’t to say that we don’t have goodies.

The neighbors brought a plate of cookies and the music of bagpipes caroling.

My sister-in-law Becky sent a Kahlua coffee cake, wrapped in cheesecloth, inside a firm container.  There is about a 3” slice left, but I haven’t called dibs yet.

Several times in the last few days, the guys need to go over to Chris’s apartment to empty bins and buckets.
So far, the landlord hasn’t shown any inclination to do much.  The city building inspector says the choice to live there is up to the tenants, but there is now a legal, active file.

About halfway between our house and his place is the Medici Bakery.  Husband believes that such closeness needs investigating and goodies should be purchased.  He claims that during one incident, a giant tentacle reached out from the door and dragged him inside….resistance is futile.

There is a box of Danish, holiday bread loaf, sourdough for sandwiches on the kitchen table, getting shoved from side to side whenever anybody wants to clear space and sit down to do something else.

No, instead of baking cookies, I browsed the ‘Net.
My blog buddy Pam sent some links pertaining to peg loom knitting supplies and education.
I have decided that one of my New Year resolutions will be to not even go into a craft store for at least a month.
I have boxes of yarn, and all sorts of accessories already here in the house, so I need to make use of my stuff and save a bit on the budget.

Husband says he doesn’t think I would do it.
He’s seen how I light up while in the yarn aisle.

But, my oh, my…. what my Grandma calls a bad case of the I-wannas sent me to look at the $loom$ found here.

The sons are watching DVDs of Battlestar Gallactica.
Nice Christmas Eve viewing, No?

I went over to my bookshelf full of Christmas stories.
All those pages, and not a one is _How the Grinch Stole Christmas_ . Chris says we should get it asap.

I did read again _The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey_ and _Down at Angel’s_.  I’m not bothering to find authors or links.  Last time I tried to give a book as a gift, I learned it was out of print.

Well, I’d better make sure some dishes get run through the cycles of the dishwasher or there won’t be room for breakfast preparations.

Here’s hoping that you and yours are cozy.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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