A Week Away Already?

cajoleto urge with gentle and repeated appeals, teasing, or flattery; wheedle

promulgateto make known (a decree, for example) by public declaration; announce officially

teachable momentmoment of educational opportunity: a time at which a person, especially a child, is likely to be particularly disposed to learn something or particularly responsive to being taught or made aware of something

What’s that? you say…
Why are those words and definitions written there?

Those are the words that come to my mind about jobs done in this week just past.

I worked 4 days, in 4 different buildings, in 5 different Teaching Assistant situations.

Each needing a pertinent piece of paper with my name and numbers, going in for the Payroll department to sort out.

Some of the reasons I like being a Substitute in the school system.

In the Pre-K room, I earned my wages by playing with Lincoln Logs with 4 year olds.  Not as easy as it looks to the untrained eye.
And goodness me, they sure can get loud during Free Play!

As a classroom assistant at a junior high, I circulated through the room keeping students on task during Math and problem-solving, sharpening all the colored pencils for the Art table, holding two things together while duct tape was cut and placed during a Science project.

As an Academic Coach one-on-one at a different junior high, I followed the same schedule as my 6th grade student who has physical disability…getting books from the locker, writing notes as a scribe when hands got tired, helping with the rest room and PE clothes.  By the end of a long day of walking the halls following a motorized scooter, my feet were screaming to be put up on the coffee table for a nice evening’s rest.

Thursday I went shoe shopping.  SAS Shoes were on sale this week at Murray’s (as if $10 off can be called a Sale), so I went with the idea I would get some new shoes for work, and walking the treadmill.  I did not like any of the styles of athletic shoes, but I fell in love with a different pair of SAS, so I ended up buying those instead.
I figure I’ll make my current treadmill shoes last until next pay, going to a different store to shop.

And then Friday there was Job Coach for high school students in the Work/Study program.  Getting LD teenagers to stay on task, oh my.  I don’t think I could have done this job before I raised sons of my own.
Finally, the custodian of the building said the grounds needed to be free of litter, so outside we went on a lovely day in Autumn.  For the rule being No Smoking on School Property, they sure found plenty of cigarette butts.

Other than work and new shoes, I’m not telling any more news.  I have some, but son says I am not at liberty to share yet.

Husband is getting over his cold enough to be doing some house repairs before winter comes along.
In fact, the whole neighborhood seems to be in Property mode.  We have been hearing pounding, and machinery, and pick-up trucks all weekend long.

here’s a picture of the bookmarks gone out in the mail for the Third Graders of the Sunday school to place in their new Bibles

favorite colors were 4 blue, 1 turquoise, 2 orange

Gotta go now.  Husband turned on the tv and the program sounds interesting.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

ps if you are ever wondering why the mouse does not seem to respond quickly enough with drag-n-drop, turn it over and see if 4 cat hairs might be caught between the laser reader and the mouse pad

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