Knitted hats done in middle of week

There were no classes at schools on Wednesday, due to Parent-Teacher Conferences.  Being a TA Sub, I have no responsibility for such events, so I stayed home for fun.
Really, my car did not move, and the only time I went outside was to get the mail.

Kinda wrong somehow, the weather looked like a perfect Autumn day.

I did take pictures Sunday, from the end of the driveway.

click on that one ^ to see neighbor’s decorations

Here’s what I did Wednesday during my solitude

peg loom knitted hats of 4-ply acrylic
two newborn for donation to the hospital nursery,
and one in Pittsburgh Steelers colors for a dear friend

My life seems real nice when I have time to be sitting in the breakfast nook with the sunshine coming in through the windows, sipping tea, while listening to my new Darius Rucker CD, purchased from Amazon, but I’m too inept right now to provide a link.

This morning, I’m waiting for the maintenance guy to come check over the treadmill.
It has developed a noise for undetermined reasons.
Might maybe be cat hair stuck in a gear, who can say… .

Update:  the treadmill guy says that the trouble is in the motor.  I didn’t quite catch exactly what, but it is under warrantee and the company will reimburse for labor.  The part should be in early next week.  I hope by Wednesday, since I’m already Unavailable for a job then because the furnace guy is coming.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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