A regular Thursday

My day was ever so free and easy.
You all can turn green with envy and I won’t mind at all.

For a few days, while slowly walking the treadmill, I was reading the book A DAY NO PIGS WOULD DIE by Robert Newton Peck.  It’s a large print hardback, purchased from the Discard shelf at the public library.  I like the large print while I’m walking.  I have read several other books by this author.
This one, I got so into it that I decided to just finish it over breakfast.
Big mistake.  It’s not easy to be swallowing oatmeal while reading about the need to slaughter a beloved pet pig who just couldn’t get pregnant and become a brood sow.  A family too poor to keep feeding a critter fast becoming a burden.  I looked over at my cat Mahalia and told her she has a really great life.

Much of the morning, I was sitting in my bathrobe in a chair on the back porch trying to figure out a potholder pattern which ends up the shape of a pig.  Somewhere in the Archives is a reference to how I acquired the booklet.
The thing will be cute when it gets done, which I hope is in time for a friend’s birthday.

When the front doorbell rang, I hurried through the house to answer, and there was our mailman with a package to sign for.
And me in my bathrobe.
Whew, I’m glad the Women’s Lib movement made history.

I just had to show somebody the completed baby blankie, so I said he should wait a minute and I would get it.  A small excuse to chat a bit longer.  Most of our neighbors are gone to work all day, which is why I am able to sit on the back porch in my robe.
He was properly admiring of the tiny stitches and the bright colors.

yeah, yeah, I’ll get a picture for you soon.

At Noon, when I went to purchase my Thursday latte, the shop owner’s wife remarked that I look like I’m losing weight.  And then for a second, she looked embarrassed, as if this should not be mentioned.
However, I shoved my fist in the air and yelled Yyeess! as a great sign of victory.
I told her we did use the tax incentive check for its intended purpose, and the treadmill gets daily use.

My oh My, did she ever make my day! my week! my goal!

My Yarn Group was all chatty and busy.
Some lovely stuff came in for Show n Tell.  My green and white baby blankie was there.
Then our leader decided to sort out the Projects Done box so we know what is available to donate when requests come.
A couple tables were covered with yarn goodies, all worked by loving hands.
Beautiful! all laid out like that, and now the items are stored away in carefully labeled smaller boxes.

My treadmill routine happened after I got home but before the beginning of JEOPARDY on tv.

Today is the first time I upped the elevation to 2.0 and the pace to 1.9 but then I got to sweating so bad I had to take off my glasses.

After supper, Husband and I went out to the bookstore.  I spied a romance hardback on clearance.  According to the plot outline on the flap of the book jacket, it looks like one I will like, so I bought it.
As I was carrying it out, I realized that my eyes will have to get used to regular size print again.

While Husband was on the treadmill, he watched a dvd of Battlestar Galactica using ear buds.

Our expectations are the same, we just go at it with different methods.

The cats say it’s time for their bedtime snack.

~~love and Huggs, Diane


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