Paper Mail going out

All this typing for the Interwebs is great most of the time.

Today, there is a nice pile of stuffed envelopes on the table behind me.

All kinds of correspondence, ranging from birthday, to thank you, get well, and then just a plain old Thinking of You.

Sometimes I like to walk over to the shelf, pull down a box of greeting cards, sort through, choose one, sign my name (and sometimes my husband’s), tuck in a little something (most often is crocheted bookmark and stickers),
address the envelope, stamp the envelope, stick postage on the right corner, stick return label on the other corner, put everything together, lick the flap, seal it shut, smoothe it out, then sit there looking at the completion of all that activity.

And to write about it.  Talk about blog fodder.

Some will be going to the cubbies at the church building.

With the rest, I’ll have a good reason to get on my bicycle this afternoon to take ‘em to the blue box a mile away.

Yes indeedy.  After awhile, some folks will get something besides catalogs and charity requests at their houses.

I hope they feel as nice on the receiving end as I have as much fun getting it going.

~~love and Huggs, Diane
ps It may not be your turn to get a lovey from me.  Don’t fret, another day comes.

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