Lady of Leisure

my mom potting some plants, and her cat Tabby

So far today, I have sorted out two loads of laundry (lights and darks) and put them through the paces,
loaded the dishwasher with a day and a half’s worth of dishes (which tell the tale of our summer of fine dining—many are cereal bowls),
swept up some spilled dry cat food off the kitchen floor,
finished a novel SWEET LIAR by Jude Devereaux (one with a Taggert man),

then walked on the treadmill for 16 minutes (elevation 1.5 and pace 1.6 mph).

Now I’m going to sit here and hoppity-skip through my blog Bookmarks until the dishwasher and the dryer get done doing their jobs.

I’ll probably do the ironing later while watching JEOPARDY.

Hope your summer is going slow and easy, too.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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