Letting the downspout do its job

My new wooden knitting loom kit came this morning.

If you go to CinDWood crafts dot com you can see where I bought them from.  I’m real tired of getting spam from craft sites, so I won’t link you directly.
And there is a story behind how I got the looms, so I’ll try to remember to write about it.
My Yarn Group is already in-the-know of the tale about how sweet is my husband.

Anyway, I had to be on my way to the dentist (routine cleaning, no new troubles) so I did a quick open the package and drool.

After my appointment and a couple errands on that side of town, I came home, had a sandwich for lunch, and told myself to do at least one chore before I could sit down and enjoy my new item.

The ironing was only 2 shirts, 4 boxer shorts, and a pillowcase, so get it done I did!

Then I went to my yarn box and chose a pretty color for a baby hat.

I carried my little table out to the back porch, unfolded my chair.

The cats got into their positions for snoozing.

I came back inside, made an iced latte in the blender, using a powdered mix.

Out there again, I began looping yarn and knitting off.

Oh this is fun!

I looked up every once in awhile watching dark clouds moving in.

The city-owned waterpark up the street made an announcement to clear the pool, and everyone must go inside the locker rooms.  The loudspeaker must have been attached at a different spot because, from this distance, I haven’t understood the words for years.

Lightning hit pretty close, and I heard silence from the house telling me the power was off.

Oscar wanted inside.  Poor kitty does not like storms at all.

As I opened the door, the power flickered, came back on.

The rain dumped heavy.  Prairie gully-washer.

I peeked over at the garage gutters.

A waterfall over the side, nothing coming out the downspout at all.

The rain slacked off soon enough.
The clouds were just having a breather.

While it was quiet, I went into the garage and got the ladder.

I got it all stable near the corner of the garage and downspout, then carefully climbed the three steps needed to see over the edge of the gutter.

As soon as I pulled a stick out of the opening, water and bits of leaves and maple seeds began running out the bottom and across the driveway.

I got down and up the ladder, about four times, clearing debris from the edge of the roof of the garage.

At one point I was turning to move the ladder, and there stood a girl in a bright blue rain poncho about 3 feet away.

She hadn’t said a word, and I did not see her come up the walk.

Startled me so that I knocked my watch against the side of the metal ladder.

Her first words were “Do you want me to do that?”

Now why would I want an unpaid stranger climbing up and down a ladder next to my garage on a rainy afternoon?

My standard reply, “No, Thank You, my doctor says I need more exercise.”

I climbed up and grabbed some more gunk out of the gutter.

Turning to let go of it, I realized she was standing right where I wanted to drop the stuff.

I said “Excuse me, something else needs to go into that spot”

She moved over towards the steps.

As I let the stuff fall, I asked what she is selling.

From under her poncho she pulled an ID tag for a company, and an order form for magazines.

She began her spiel about how getting enough orders will win her a trip to the Bahamas.

I looked down at her, more compost in my hand.

I said I don’t order magazines anymore, I get news from the Internet.

She went on a bit longer with a speech that must have been hammered in by a company rep and then she practiced for an hour in front of the mirror.

As I moved the ladder once again, she began a whine.

“Aren’t you going to help me win the trip?”

Well, golly gosh, kid, I was a pre-school teacher for years, so that tone of voice ain’t gonna get me to soften up any.
Especially coming from somebody who is walking door-to-door now to be able to frolic on the beach on Spring Break.

As I climbed the ladder for what I hoped to be the last time (looking at the flow from the downspout, yeah, I was almost done), I told her she was wasting her time here.

After a very dramatic sigh, she went on her way along our very quiet during the day because there are working people who live here street.

It’s a racket, what happens to young workers.
They get plunked down in some strange town so they don’t know what else to do but their jobs.
Reminds me of Mormon Missionaries.

She did offer to do some hands-on work, but I’m getting a bit jaded in my old age, so I sent her on her way.

And now, I’m going back to my loom and yarn.

~~love and Huggs, Diane



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