Weather and music, today they overlap

Wednesday evening, Chris participated in a Guitar Potpourri with other students at ISU.  The weather was cold and rainy and I didn’t expect hardly anybody else to be there, even as a free recital.  Husband and I walked down to campus.  The hall was 3/4 full—ah yes, the tally of mandatory attendance for music students is getting near the end of the semester.

As classical guitar tunes go, this bunch was just fine.  We can tell the kids are getting tired, though, with a few more slip-ups and one guy actually had to start over.  I wanted to jump up and give him a reassuring hugg, and Husband says a blow-dart full of Valium might have come in handy.

The walk home was even colder and wetter.  As soon as we entered the kitchen, my mister set the kettle on to boil so we could have herb tea.  I also slurped some ramen noodles.

Today was the Craft Sale at the Senior Center.  There is a sleet storm, nasty weather.  It’s not very far away, along quiet streets, so I dug out the car and made it over just fine.  Yarn and embroidered items laying out on the tables sure looks better than being stuffed into boxes in the storeroom.
I bought a knitted round dishcloth, done in Christmas red.  I watched the lady work on many of them, and I had told myself that I’d buy one if I got a chance.
Since all 12 of my donated bookmarkers were still waiting, I bought back 3 of them, causing quite a few chuckles amongst the workers.  I know they will go to good homes.
There was a price tag of $10 on my mint blue baby blanket.  It was still there when I left.  At the end of today’s time period, any items remaining will be going to a sale in a couple weeks, in support of another charity.

I decided to stop at McDs for a burger meal.  When it came time to pay, I reached over to the ash tray to grab the correct coins.  There was no ash tray!  I had to pay with my $bill alone.  The window girl asked if everything was okay, so I just nodded and stopped blocking the lane.
When I got home, I checked my car closely and realized its interior wasn’t my usual mess.  It was messy, but not the way I would leave it.
Besides the ash tray full of coins, the flashlight from the glovebox was gone.  It doesn’t look like anything else was taken, mainly because not worth stealing.  The cd player has been broken for years.

I called Husband, who was on his lunch break.  I asked if he can remember the last time he got coins from the ash tray.  He can’t remember.  I don’t either, so I am not positive about burglary today (when the weather is terrible) or another time before.  I decided not to file a police report, especially since I tend to leave the driver’s side door unlocked.  The amount of money wouldn’t have been over $5, but tracking down another ash tray is going to be a major pain.

We had set the VCR to record a PBS presentation about singer James Taylor.  This was a good move, our going to a live recital for our son, but taping tv.
The performances of Taylor’s songs were carried on by others.  He wasn’t on stage until almost the end, and then sang only a couple songs.  Also, this week is griveling and snoveling time, when PBS shows us that it really does have as many commercials as other stations.  They are just crowded together in longer time slots, with phones ringing in the background.
I was very glad this afternoon to have the Fast-forward button on the remote control.

Oh, my, it’s time to be thinking Supper.
Hope your day was fine and dandy.  Stay warm!
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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