Open Door not so good

There was a dinner at church today.  I helped the Youth Group and the sponsors in the kitchen, and by the time dishes from almost 100 people were done, we were fairly well tuckered out.
Since I usually go back over in the evening anyway, I told the kids to just leave the last 4 racks to air dry.  This included the silverware and water glasses.
I never saw anybody drop dishtowels so fast before.

Around 6 pm, I get to the building and it is dark.  Choir practice was cancelled.  Letting myself in with the key, I turned on the library lights, hung up my jacket on the coat rack and walked down the hallway towards the kitchen.  The light from the library was behind me, and a red EXIT light ahead.

I turned to my left towards the kitchen, hand outstretched, reaching for the knob.  My hand remained empty as I walked right into something—- the edge of the door, which had been propped open.

I saw stars!  My glasses were hanging awkwardly from my right ear.  I sank to my knees, reaching up to learn if blood was dripping.
It took a minute to get my bearings.  I could see the nightlight in the kitchen, at a different angle than I usually see it.  Maybe because the door is usually closed when I head that way at that time of the evening.

It took a couple minutes to get my glasses adjusted enough to return them to my face.  I’ll have to go back to the optometrist yet again.

I went about my task of putting away the dishes.

On the way out, I decided to stop for a potty break, before going into the cold outside.  It had been about 30 minutes since my accident.  As I was washing my hands, I stared into the mirror over the sink and realized there is quite a bump on my forehead, my lip is swollen, and it hurts when I wink my left eye.

When I got home, I called over to Husband and said he should come look at me in a brighter light.  He asked if I am going to tell everybody that he did it.
I said No, I’ll say I ran into a door.  It’s the truth.

He sneered and said nobody will buy that line at all.

I watched a couple tv shows.  The sitting still caused my shoulder to get a bit stiff.  There’s also a bruise forming at my collar bone.

Some Ibuprofen is beginning to help ease the aches.
We’ll see what morning brings.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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