Not his favorite type of tunes

As I mentioned before, for a couple weeks now, our local radio stations have been playing songs of the holiday season.
Then at Truths and Half Truths, Nilbo talks about rehearsals for the Christmas program at his daughter’s church.  He was persuasive enough that I ordered We Three Kings as my second album of the season.

Sunday afternoon, Husband and I had a little trip to Wally World.  He was looking for a part for his bicycle.  I went along because I didn’t seem to have anything I’d rather be doing than being a companion in a store a month before Christmas.

The two places he needed to stop was the aisle for bicycle parts and the whipped cream refrigerator.
About halfway between those was an island display of compact discs- -all full of music of the holiday season.
Now, I’ve already got two “new” cds coming my way, ordered from the Internet, so I don’t need any at all of these.  But why else would the store have them right out there unless I should at least LOOK!?!  Something about holding the wrapped plastic in my hands and studying the small print song list makes the music seem more valuable.

Husband stopped and stood alongside me, even picked up a cd or two and looked at the artwork.
He says a good singer doesn’t need to waste time on doing holiday music.  Something about being a prostitute to the record company, and needing to pay off the mansion.

On the other hand, I love Christmas songs.  I have been known to play a cd when the weather is 90o outside.  I was looking at the one by James Taylor that Junie has, the new one by Sarah MacLachlan, and a few by people I know only from reading the magazines in the checkout lane at Kroger’s.

This caught my eye.  My Dad loved him some Dean Martin.  This album has “I’ve got my love to keep me warm” (go look the lyrics up for yourself, the flashing ads are annoying) which was also on a vinyl record Dad played over and over and over.  Whenever I see Dean Martin, I remember my own dad, they are of the same generation.  Come to think of it, maybe that’s another reason I like the movie Return to Me so much, all those old guys arguing about the old singers.
Anyway, I decided I would buy this cd, for old timers sake, so to speak.  I had the cash in my purse, a little gift for me to while away these hours I’m in front of the monitor.

My ears couldn’t quite catch any more of Husband’s mutterings, as he was striding towards pumpkin pie and whipped cream at a pace too fast for me to risk any more stops for browsing.

When we got to the self-serve checkout (the one he almost always uses), I pulled out my wallet, then waited for him to scan his items.  At the last one, he hesitated, then extended his hand towards me.  I asked what did he need?  His finger pointed to the cd in my hand, so I gave it to him.  He scanned it, dropped it into the bag, punched the ‘Finish & Pay’ button, and used his debit card to complete the transaction.

When we got to the car, I asked why did he buy the cd for me when I did have money, and he doesn’t like the type of music. He said he doesn’t want me to worry about running out of cash for when we go to breakfast at McDs, which is a much more worthwhile time of being together.

So this morning we were having breakfast at McDs, our usual Monday morning.  We see the same people, who order the same things.  Talk about a sense of community.

Apparently, since Thanksgiving is already over, McDs executives have decided it is now okay to play holiday music on the store speaker system.  And talk about some really really awful renditions of Santa coming to town (rap version) and coming home for Christmas (whoever she is, the girl can’t carry a tune in a bucket).  Any of the songs on any of my albums cannot be nearly that bad.  Well, maybe a couple.

Again, my spouse mentioned the reason for such abominations is to pay the rent.

Sigh…this is going to be a long month, with many wonders.

My new cd joins others in my box.

Maybe later, I’ll write some history of these.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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