Errands Aplenty

this card is from the Pondering Pool

The knock on the head really did addle my brain.  I had several errands to do, and I didn’t plan my route very well.  The same intersection 3 different times from various points of the compass.
And in one parking lot, I was standing by a cart corral, looking all over for our dark red Chevy Astro van.
Trouble with thoughts going thataway, our van died over a year ago.  We had to clear out the debris and pay the towing fee.  It took me a couple minutes to remember doing the activity.  Then I had to really tug on a memory for what color is the car I’m driving now.  A little silver 4 door.  I found it 3 lanes over, parked next to the newly planted little tree I used to mark the spot.

I had a couple boxes to drop off at the thrift store.  But I was passing a grocery store, and remembered I need old-fashioned oats.  There was beef and chicken on Clearance because today is the expiration date.  $30 gone because of a box of oats.  The fridge is full, and oven heating up.

The box still needed to be dropped off, so I did.  Then I went over to the main entrance and proceeded to look things over.  As I was in line to pay a quarter for a small bowl, I remembered foodstuffs waiting in the trunk of the car on a sunny day.

Carrying everything inside, I got a look at the clock on the kitchen wall.  Why I hadn’t checked the clock on the dashboard of the car, I can’t say.  It was 8 hours since breakfast.  Yet I hadn’t felt hungry until that very minute when I noticed the time.

I microwaved some leftover soup, then decided supper can be chicken.

My gracious goodness, what a day.  It reminds me of message getting around about having ADD—Aging Deficit Disorder.  Being very busy, but getting nothing done.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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