Low-key Eats for Just Us

I’m making a list and checking it against what I have in the pantry.
The menu for our T-day is
a fresh, never frozen, free-range turkey, raised on an Amish farm
StoveTop stuffing from a mix
washed, peeled, cooked, mashed with sour cream potatoes, definitely gravy
boiled and buttered sweet potatoes
green bean casserole, which I only make twice a year
pumpkin dessert squares, using canned pumpkin
whipped cream from a pressure can
cranberry sauce from a can

when I think of how many dishes were set out on the table at my Aunt Sylvia’s house, and how many people were going to eat there, and how many cousins there were to help do the dishes

then I remember all the hollering and doors slamming

Relatives, hmmm.

Only the four of us here at mealtime.
Plenty of phone calls happen on the holidays.
Celebrating from a distance.

~~love and Huggs, Diane

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