Starting Applesauce

Husband and I rode our bicycles to McDs for breakfast.
When I got home, I started looking for a picture of my grandma to send to my cousin in Alaska.  Before I began organizing the study, I could have told you right away about those pictures.  Alas, I cannot remember now which shelf or album they are in.

I decided I had better get going on yumminess.

I peeled and cored and sliced for applesauce.
There were 16 apples altogether.
As you see, my dutch oven is almost full.

While they simmer, I’ll take a shower.
The pan should be ready to put into the fridge soon after.
Later, I’ll divvy it up to see if there’s enough to freeze or share.

Meanwhile, I’m off to the dentist and a couple errands.
~~love and Huggs, Diane
ps The apples are smelling good!  I just stirred them down, and they are soft enough to take the lid off the pan.  I’ll add a wee bit of sugar in a few minutes.

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