Yet Another Step

Today I attended a class about writing a Resume at my alma mater, HCC.  The Instructor said that 5 people had Registered, but I was the only one there sitting in a seat.

It seems that finding a job has changed the last few years.  Every job I’ve had in the past had me show up in person, fill out all the little boxes on an Application, wait awhile for an Interview, then I start work.  The first week I had to bring in my Social Security card for proof of working status.
This is the first Resume I’ve done.  And some of the employer websites I checked want a Resume to be sent across the ‘Net, there’s not even a street address to deliver an envelope.

She went through her spiel, complete with PowerPoint slides and handouts.  We discussed a few ideas about the format and my work history.

Actually, I might have done just as well doing an Internet search, but I figured I had advantage at a Free Service for Alumni.

The woman needs her job just like anybody, and being a Public Institution, I’m sure there are all kinds of forms to fill out to justify existence.

The main idea of a Resume is to emphasize what I can bring to that particular workplace.  I’m supposed to put a positive light on my abilities.
This goes totally against my grandma whispering in my ear about “pride goeth before a fall” and “don’t toot your own horn”.

And I thought a Composition paper was too much work!
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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