Meeting me while going somewhere else

Whewee, what a week!  Monday morning was a Work Day for the church ladies group.  First thing we did was stuff a couple dozen medical kits.
We cut, counted, and bundled 600 Labels for Education, which I sent off in the mail to the school in Chicago which gets our support.  This seems easier than trying to find somebody who will be heading that way, because the USPS does have the job of prompt delivery!

Monday evening was a seminar for Early Childhood Educators, held at the Children’s Discovery Museum.
The lecture was about Kindergarten curriculum, and I figured it was just in time for the launch of the Illinois Early Learning Standards.  Information I already know from experience and observation is getting a rubber stamp from the politicos.
There were some fine food type Eats to help with digestion.

Tuesday evening was a Guitar Recital on the ISU campus.  My son and I, along with maybe 100 other people were enthralled by some wonderful classical music played by an artist who also happens to be a faculty member.

Wednesday I got my new glasses!

On the way out of the mall, I stopped at a machine which for $2 will take a picture, then sends a sketch out the slot.

The evening was a scheduled support group, our date night.

Thursday morning, I had to return to the clinic lab and have blood drawn for a test.  The results say that the dosage for my thyroid medication needs to be reduced to 137mcg.  The person who called didn’t say what I’m supposed to do with the 15 higher dose pills which are left over and already paid for!

Then the Needlework Group at the Senior Center.  Some of the yarn I took over last week is already knitted into little baby hats for the community hospital’s newborn nursery.  Another lady made a real pretty scarf to be sold at the craft sale.  And I got to go into the storeroom and found some real nice mint-colored cotton thread on a cone, and so began a baby aphgan.
That means I have 3 projects in the works, of different size hooks and yarn.  Depending on which bag I grab is what my hands work.

Friday morning, I’ll be leaving for the Women’s Retreat at Camp Friedenswald.  You won’t hear from me again until Monday.

Have a Great Weekend! the weather is gonna be nice.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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