The Needs of the Many

One of the advantages for not having a job is being able to do some volunteer work.  The old saying ‘time is Money’ really rings true in my case.

The other day, the church’s office manager called and asked if I would be able to meet Thursday morning with other ladies in a certain room of the building and help to pack AIDS kits.

I said Sure without realizing it would be the same day which three old and storm-damaged trees would be removed from our property.
Actually, it was nice to get away from the sound of chainsaws and branch shredders for an hour or so.

About half of these kits were already done during other work days or by individuals, but the whole bunch were made ready and arranged this morning.

This is the way it will look Sunday morning on the front platform, so the congregation can see the results of their generosity.  There were folks who stuffed checks into envelopes, bought the fabric, sewed the bags, threaded the cords through the loops, selected the sheets and towels and body powder (talk about Bargain Shopping!) and helped to pack it altogether.

With all the millions of people afflicted with HIV/AIDS, these 54 kits seem almost insignificant.  They will be sent to Mennonite Central Committee, combined with donations from other congregations, and shipped to wherever they might be needed.

There have been times in my life when I have been given something I hadn’t asked for, some trinket that I didn’t really need, and wasn’t sure what to do with when I got it home.
What goes into these kits has been studied and listed by workers who are on the scene, so I would deem them appropriate for the intended purpose.  The person who pulls open the drawstring and sees a towel and soap might think it to be the nicest item ever.

All the effort and financial support which have come together into these AIDS kits, well these represent much thought and caring.  And a quote from STAR TREK’s Mr. Spock ‘logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few’.

Go read that MCC page, and try to come to an understanding about the blessings for giving and receiving.
This may be a time when little things mean a lot.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

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